Welcome to MyHome!

We are a unique real estate agency on the Estonian market, specifically targeted at property investors. We offer several real-estate related services under one roof:

  • Real-estate sales
  • Rental services
  • Property management and rent guarantee
  • Home staging
  • Buy-to-let consultations
  • The services we provide are designed to boost rental yield, and maximize profit from real estate sales.

MyHome was established 12 years ago due to a need for more personalized and wider range of services on the real-estate market. Our aim was then and is now to be your loyal partner in all of your residential real-estate needs. Our customers come from different parts of the world and we happily communicate in Estonian, Russian, English or German.

We are happy to announce that we have been voted one of the top 10 real estate agencies in our country. We are honoured by this recognition and will continue to pursue excellence in everything we do in the future.

Reg. kood: 11303755
Phone: +372 552 0555
Marsi 6-20, 13116 Tallinn

A/a: 221032718974
IBAN: EE892200221032718974
Swedbank Liivalaia 8 15040 Tallinn



Property manager,
real estate agent

+372 5841 4171

Kadri is one of the founders of MyHome and has been related to real estate since 2003. She has graduated from Seton Hall University (New Jersey, USA) in the area of marketing and international business.


+372 5564 3134

Gerdi is one of the founders of MyHome and she has been active in the real estate sector already since 2004, when she started working at Ober-Haus Kinnisvara after her studies. Gerdi is a certified real estate broker and to keep her knowledge up to date.


Real estate agent

+372 5663 8397

Already when meeting Margit for the first time, you notice that she is spontaneous and friendly in socializing. She is full of endless energy and the desire to act radiates from her eyes. Her enthusiasm often awakens more quiet minded people. Among us, Margit is known as an enormously precise and conscientious person.


Property manager

+372 5981 3331

Liisa is the house fairy of MyHome. Beneath her fragile exterior and otherworldly femininity lies a strong, professional woman who can handle anything in life. As a property manager she is always there for and ready to lend a helping hand to tenants and landlords alike, whether an exhaust hood needs installing, the floor heating needs fixing or a simple light bulb needs changing.


Property manager,
real estate agent

+372 5982 0550


Home stager

+372 5656 8509

Marje is the newest addition to MyHome’s home staging team. With a twinkle in her eye, she is always eager to tackle new design projects. She is definitely the biggest worrier among us, but that is not a bad thing: it simply means that everything has to be done properly, and done well.


On maternity leave

+372 5380 7799

Rebecca is a very confident young woman. She knows what she is capable of and what she expects of herself and others. Like a perfect storm, she is strong and powerful, yet gentle: the ray of light piercing black clouds of trouble. She always gives her all to ensure clients find a suitable home or buyer, and nothing is left to chance.


Home stager


Brokerage Assistant

+372 5650 6603

Laura is the pillar of our agency: the heart and soul of our office. She loves contracts, numbers and documents. She is a perfectionist who needs discipline, and she highly values these traits in other people as well. Laura is good at thinking on her feet, and her fingers are always a blur on her golden MacBook.