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Real estate agent, property manager

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    Merit Mets

    Merit is our irreplaceable, full of energy and infectiously active real estate agent and property manager. Her previous contact with real estate is slight, but completely personal. Specifically, she rents out her real estate and through that she has gained experience in establishing a relationship with the tenants and solving different problems.

    Merit has 10 years of experience working as the Head of Department, coordinating the work of 35 people and leading the provision and development of different services. In addition, she has been a group training instructor for 10 years, which created a good balance in her worklife and provided an opportunity to create value by contributing to people’s health.

    As a colleague, Merit is trustworthy and clearly expressive of her needs. She is able to remain neutral even in the most critical situations and is ready to take responsibility and find solutions to achieve the set goals. Merit considers her greatest strengths to be self-expression, self-analysis and her organisational skills.

    Honest and authentic human relationships, sustainable consumption, clean food and self-development are extremely important to Merit. In other people, she values ​​everyone’s uniqueness and authenticity the most. A brave person who is not afraid to express their thoughts and feelings is an inspiration to many! In her work, Merit appreciates MyHome’s supportive and open team. She enjoys having visible and tangible achievements and direct communications with her clients. The satisfaction of her customers certainly encourages Merit to move forward each and every day.

    Merit considers taking care of herself to be an essential part of life. Planning her day, exercising and doing yoga are good ways to recharge your batteries. Also, moving around in nature and spending quality time with her loved ones will help her tune in to the right frequency again. One of Merit’s great passions is a healthy diet, which she continues to educate herself on. She enjoys cooking healthy food as well as hosting friends and creating a beautiful atmosphere overall.

    Languages: Estonian and English