Real estate sales with MyHome

Selling real estate starts with finding the right real estate agency. How can you choose the right agency out of hundreds? Listed below are ten reasons why you should choose the MyHome real estate agency to organise the sale of your property. Take a look at MyHome’s advantages.

We will sell your real estate at the highest market price possible. With us you can be sure that our offer on your real estate is factually based on a thorough market analysis. We will not take your real estate to the market at too low or too high a price. We will forward you the real estate price analysis as a PDF file or on paper.

Preparing the real estate for sale, i.e. home staging, is a critical factor in successful real estate sales. What this means is that before the start of the real estate sales process we will make some preparations that will help with the sales of your house or apartment. We will remove elements that slow down sales or bring down the price of the property before starting with sales. Home staging highlights the property’s strengths, accentuates them and helps look past any weaknesses. You can read more about home staging here.

We will do our best to make your real estate advertisement stand out among thousands of others. We will compile a thoroughly considered advertisement text that highlights your property’s strengths and necessary factual information. We will translate the advertisement into several different languages and post it on real estate websites with attractive photos.

One photo is worth more than a thousand words. We hire the best real estate photographers to give your real estate advertisement extra value. In real estate photography it is common to “stretch” the photos to make the rooms look more spacious. We always take honest photos because we don’t want our clients to be disappointed when they see the actual property.

The marketing strategy for every real estate property is slightly different, but our main advertisement media are,,,, In addition, we use the power of social media, e.g. Facebook Ads and Instragram, to organise the sales of real estate properties. The number of people who have discovered us via social media is constantly growing.

We work with real estate investors from inside and outside of Estonia, which is why our database contains many foreign investors. We will add the sales information of your real estate to our international database at the beginning of our relationship as it will help both parties in closing the deal more quickly and comfortably than by advertising on real estate websites.

Organising open houses is an integral part of our real estate marketing. A great deal of people interested in buying a property come to open houses and we have devised certain marketing steps to take before, during and after open houses to ensure that the property is sold.

Real estate is your most prized possession, so why not trust experienced and smart agents with its sale? All MyHome agents have completed basic training for a real estate agent and receive regular sales training under leading sales trainers. We keep ourselves informed of legal aspects, tax changes and general economic states so we can give our clients the best advice possible. The work experience of our agents is two to 15 years.

A small real estate agency has many advantages over corporate agencies. As a small real estate agency, MyHome is more flexible and eager to make an effort to please its clients. We dedicate more time and attention to our clients. In a small collective the cooperation between agents is effective and exchange of information quick – this will guarantee more interest in your property. If your agent is ill or on holiday, you can be sure that their substitute will be just as keen to continue the sales process. Our agents do not compete with one another, but cooperate – this will guarantee the best sales results for our real estate agency.

MyHome’s great advantage in the face of its competitors is that we have a wide selection of additional services. We will resolve all our clients’ real estate-related worries. In addition to real estate agents, MyHome also employs interior decorators, real estate managers, workmen and cleaners. With the help of our partners we will also help resolve issues concerning authorisation, and much more. This is why many real estate owners choose MyHome for continuous cooperation.

If you think that MyHome is the real estate agency for you, then contact us. We will get back to you as soon as possible!