Kadri Kruus-Magomedov

Kadri was one of the founders of MyHome and has been involved in real estate since 2003. She graduated from Seton Hall University in New Jersey in the United States, majoring in marketing and international business. At MyHome, Kadri has taken on responsibility for the development of the company’s management services. Headed up by Kadri, the management services team makes every effort to earn the maximum return on investors’ assets, while causing them as little trouble as possible and allowing tenants to obtain quick solutions to their problems.

Kadri is honest, straightforward and focussed on finding flexible solutions to every problem. She wins her clients’ favour with her amazing communication skills and friendly nature. A strong sense of duty and the discipline characteristic of someone who is an athlete at heart are her most distinctive features, both of which come in handy in the work of a real estate manager and agent. Kadri started out in the property sector as a real estate agent. She loves the job and remains active in it to this day. She has received the City24 Star of the Year award for her work.

Kadri’s clients have described her as: 

”I am very pleased with your service and the work of the real estate agent.” – Kenneth

”Having relied upon MyHome OÜ for the past 10+ years to manage my rental apartment, I came to expect a high level of service and assistance with my real estate investment. I enjoyed the professionalism that the MyHome Team brought to my interactions with them. They represent a great group of capable people with a lot of expertise in the real estate market. Would highly recommend and use them in the future.” – Douglas F

”Excellent experience, i hope in the future nothing changes.” – Ivo

”I found MyHome initially through internet and I was their customer for six years. At first MyHome team helped me to choose an investment property and was an active in my buying process. Over the years MyHome provided brokerage services, then furnishing and home staging, then tenant finding, then property management. Every person from MyHome was always kind and helpful, my questions were always answered quickly and comprehensively. MyHome services have been very helpful to me over all the years. My investment apartment was rented out to reliable tenants, apartment was well maintained, some complicated building issues were solved via my property manager and I received passive income all 6 years. To make my experience complete, MyHome provided professional brokerage service at the end and sold my apartment. I certainly recommend MyHome services because MyHome team can do their work very well and all needed property investor services are provided in one place. Even though the distance between me and MyHome runs more than 2.000 km it felt like MYHOME was in the near office.” – Gino from Italy

”My name is Elina Kallas and I am proud to offer my recommendation of Kadri Kruus-Magomedov, who personally managed my apartment for 8 years of renting and sold it within minutes as soon as I took decision to let it go. If you are reading this and currently looking to keep your property in safe hands, you can stop right now! You have found the agency! It’s MyHome OÜ. Here are just few examples of their efficiency and close to zero need to involve you in THEIR job. 

– Upon leasing apartment for the initial rent out, I did NOTHING, except leaving my flat keys with them. Cleaning, photo taking, listing, interviewing tenants, you name it…ALL was done without involving me, just reporting upon completing the jobs.

– Switching between the tenants through years of the rent was also a breeze too.

– Shall anything be broken/in need to be repaired in the apartment, they would always be on top of the game. 

– I have never received any neighbors complaints, and if any bill got delayed from tenant’s side, the agency was taking care of it without my involvement.

Now, let’s talk the big sale. I was a bit worried at first, when it came to this decision, as I do live in another country right now and with a 3 y.o. on hands flying-in was my least favorite thing to do. But Kadri took care of the emails, contract, hand-over papers, meetings with buyer/ notary/ head of house union/ etc. She kept in the loop of all, but required the bare minimum from my side. And the best part, that Kadri was able to find a buyer within days by offering a fair price on the competitive market and even negotiating the higher final price tag. And that’s not all! After completing the sale, she took me through all the additional steps in order to finalize electrical and similar contracts, conned to the property. I could go and on, but to cut it short: thanks to Kadri Kruus-Magomedov from MyHome. She is responsible for keeping me stress free for last eight years with constant income on my hands. Thank you, Kadri! Shall I choose to do any property transaction in Estonia again, you are my number 1 choice, no doubt.” -Elina Kallas

Languages: Estonian, English & Russian