Kadri Kruus-Magomedov

Kadri was one of the founders of MyHome and has been involved in real estate since 2003. She graduated from Seton Hall University in New Jersey in the United States, majoring in marketing and international business. At MyHome, Kadri has taken on responsibility for the development of the company’s management services. Headed up by Kadri, the management services team makes every effort to earn the maximum return on investors’ assets, while causing them as little trouble as possible and allowing tenants to obtain quick solutions to their problems. Kadri is honest, straightforward and focussed on finding flexible solutions to every problem. She wins her clients’ favour with her amazing communication skills and friendly nature. A strong sense of duty and the discipline characteristic of someone who is an athlete at heart are her most distinctive features, both of which come in handy in the work of a real estate manager and agent. Kadri started out in the property sector as a real estate agent. She loves the job and remains active in it to this day. She has received the City 24 Star of the Year award for her work.

Languages: Estonian, English & Russian