Interior decorator
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    Evely Heliste

    In addition to real estate, Evely’s greatest passion is interior decoration. Many of our investors have praised her for her ability to find smart solutions for and furnish their rental apartments.

    Apart from being very swift, patient and hard-working, Evely also has a good heart and a great soul. She harbours a lot of curiosity and a desire to do things in her own style. In raising three children, she has become a good logistics specialist, learned time management and polished her organisational skills. For instance, it is as though she prepares the kitchen layouts for our clients by magic even before they manage to ask for them.

    What she likes most about her work is the way an empty apartment turns into the perfect home. Coming up with ways of turning her ideas into reality, as well as looking for and finding the products needed for the ideal end result, brings a sparkle to her eyes. Evely is inspired by everything that is beautiful and interesting around her: colours, nature and people. Travelling to different places as reading magazines and the Internet are sources of inspiration for her.

    Evely’s hobby is giving new life to old furniture: restoration. She likes to spend her free time doing sports – the fact that she won the Junior European Beach Volleyball Championship confirms her strength of will, persistence, teamwork skills and drive to achieve accomplishments.

    Languages: Estonian, English, Russian & Finnish