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    Getlin Luik

    Getlin is an irreplaceable helper who keeps an eye on numbers and cash flow and helps us organise everything paper-free, using the most modern systems available. She is our accountant, a field she has been active in and passionate about for the last seven years. She strives to constantly hone her skills and remain up-to-date with innovative solutions in the field. As a Master’s student of Business Administration at TalTech, she has long been captivated by the field of finance, but she has also studied accounting at Tallinn School of Economics and taken part in a variety of professional training courses.

    Getlin is a virtual member of our team, as a few years ago she decided she wanted to move out of the city and to be able to work from any location. She enjoys her work and considers accounting a very creative field. She likes a creative mindset, which is what the field frequently has to offer. She has the soul of a bohemian artist, but this is offset by her discipline and punctuality.

    In addition to her main job, Getlin pursues her own line of business and enjoys dancing and painting as hobbies.

    Languages: Estonian, English, Russian & Finnish