Gerdi Arst

Gerdi was one of the founders of MyHome. She has been active in the property sector since 2004, when she joined the real estate company Ober-Haus. In those early days, working for a large company, Gerdi felt that the full potential of the field was going untapped. As such, she decided to create a new company: in addition to setting up real estate deals, it would offer support services like home staging, interior design services for developers, management of rentals and advisory services for property investors. MyHome has now been providing its clients with all-round real estate services for more than 14 years. Today, Gerdi mainly focusses on investors: she looks for real estate with a suitable return on investment for them and helps furnish it appropriately. In her everyday work she has combined her three great passions: real estate, investment and interior design. She studied the latter at the Estonian Academy of Arts, but gained the majority of her experience by furnishing almost 200 apartments. In Gerdi’s opinion, home staging and furnishing both the rental properties of investors and the sample apartments of development projects are an important part of marketing and ensure that all of the parties to a real estate transaction get the best result and the best return on their investment.

Gerdi’s real passion is business and investment, but she also enjoys reading and finds her inner balance through yoga. At the end of the working day, she boosts her energy level at the gym or by working in her garden.
Travelling in different parts of the world is a source of inspiration for her. She is enthusiastic about different cultures, architecture, nature and beauty. Travelling enriches her spirit, nourishes her soul and gives her the energy she needs to keep active.

Languages: Estonian & English