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    Kaja Milder

    Kaja’s love and relationship with real estate began decades ago when she acquired her first apartment. Over time, her portfolio grew, changed, and evolved. She increasingly started browsing real estate pages, and some properties simply seemed so exciting that they captured her heart. Through renting out her own apartment and engaging in buying and selling, she made connections with real estate agents who were interesting, broad-minded individuals dedicated to their work.

    However, at that point, Kaja already had a job related to the fashion industry and trade in Estonia’s largest fashion companies – a job that was exciting, developmental, and inspiring. Kaja led both larger and smaller teams, working on fashion collections and establishing stores both in Estonia and abroad. But at the same time, she continued to flirt with real estate. She managed her real estate portfolio and found herself constantly reading real estate sections to stay informed about what was happening in the field.

    Kaja also collaborated extensively with the MyHome real estate agency, admiring our work style, which aligned closely with her own values. At some point, the time was right to change careers.

    As a colleague, Kaja is helpful, cheerful, empathetic, cooperative, and loyal, caring for all her colleagues. She greatly values a good, supportive atmosphere in the office and among colleagues in general. There is no room for backstabbing, gossip, dishonesty, or indifference!

    Kaja’s strengths undoubtedly include responsibility, organization, curiosity, and a desire to do things well. She has a perfectionistic streak, highly appreciates aesthetics, and handles stress well. In other people, she values openness, naturalness, a cheerful disposition, and a willingness to cooperate.

    In Kaja’s opinion, an enjoyable workplace should be dynamic and active, not requiring sitting in one place for days on end and allowing her to meet new people. In real estate work, it’s also lovely to see other inspiring homes.

    Kaja draws energy from her home, garden, grandchildren, two dogs, friends, traveling, reading, listening to classical music, attending concerts, engaging in sports, and, of course, ballet classes, which she has been attending for 13 years.