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    Rebecca Lootus

    Rebecca is a very confident young woman. She knows what she is capable of and what she expects of herself and others. Like a perfect storm, she is strong and powerful, yet gentle: the ray of light piercing black clouds of trouble. She always gives her all to ensure clients find a suitable home or buyer, and nothing is left to chance. Her communication skills and diplomacy allow her to close every deal successfully. She does all this with a big heart and great confidence. By choosing to work together with Rebecca, you can be certain that results will soon be seen.

    In addition to being a great real estate agent, Rebecca is a passionate mother: for her, family always comes first. After her day job, Rebecca heads home where more work awaits – cooking, cleaning, playing and finally sleeping. But despite the long, hard days, she enjoys family life wholeheartedly and finds spending time with her husband, two children and little dog the greatest pastime in the world. She also loves going for runs, playing badminton and the occasional glass of good wine. That is, once the kids are already asleep.