Marje Unt

Marje is the newest addition to MyHome’s team of home stagers. With a twinkle in her eye, she is always eager to tackle new projects. She is definitely the biggest worrier among us, but that is not a bad thing: it simply means that everything has to be done properly, and done well. Marje´s “wouldn’t-hurt-a-fly” personality and kindness instantly charmed us and will definitely win our clients over too.

In her free time, Marje loves spending time in nature – she heads outdoors to walk, think and analyze. She also likes restoring furniture and decor elements she has found and snatched up. Her great sense of style and aesthetic instinct help her prepare properties for sale or renting out.

She is uncharacteristically modest for a sales person, creating a trusting relationship with clients to establish the necessary agreements and find out what the client likes. She oozes warmth and her genuine wish to help is sensed by all those around her. In addition to working as a home stager, Marje is studying entrepreneurship and project management. She has the wherewithal to operate on several fronts simultaneously and succeed in all her ventures, remaining bright-eyed all the while.