Property manager
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Liisa Aavola

Liisa is the house fairy of MyHome. Beneath her fragile exterior and otherworldly femininity lies a strong, professional woman who can handle anything in life. As a property manager she is always there for and ready to lend a helping hand to tenants and landlords alike, whether an exhaust hood needs installing, the floor heating needs fixing or a simple light bulb needs changing. You’ll always find superglue, a screwdriver and a measuring tape in her handbag. Liisa highly values her own time and that of others, so she never wastes it. Her trust in people, her spunky personality and her sense of responsibility are traits that make her a caring and knowledgeable real estate manager who offers support to each and every one of her clients. Liisa’s sincerity and goodness light up the streets of Tallinn whenever she visits another of her sites.

In her free time Liisa likes getting involved in things from which she can draw new energy: yoga, walking in the woods with her husband and reading books. Liisa enjoys these things with all her heart so that she can put her heart into what she does.