Brokerage Assistant
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Laura Linnap

Laura is the pillar of our agency: the heart and soul of our office. She loves contracts, numbers and documents. She is a perfectionist who needs discipline, and she highly values these traits in other people as well. Laura is good at thinking on her feet, and her fingers are always a blur on her golden MacBook. In this way she assists our agents daily by preparing property advertisements and drawing up contracts and acts. Thanks to her, our agents can work a lot more efficiently.

After an intense workday, Laura hops on her yellow bicycle and heads home, her dark brown curls blowing in the wind, to enjoy time with her husband and young son. If she has time left over, she loves playing board games, photographing miniatures and reading, all the while sipping on a big cup of coffee. Once a wave of creativity hits her, Laura crafts Softies: rabbits, giraffes and other soft animals whose colorful appearance and simple nature bring joy to children.