Real estate manager, real estate agent
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Kadri Kruus-Magomedov

Kadri was one of the founders of MyHome and has been active in real estate since 2003. She graduated from Seton Hall University (New Jersey, USA) in marketing and international business. After graduating she returned to her home country and started working for the real estate company Ober-Haus. There she met Gerdi, with whom she founded MyHome Real Estate a few years later. In MyHome, Kadri is responsible for the smooth operations of property management services. The property management team, headed up by Kadri, does everything to ensure that the investor’s property produces the maximum profit while bothering them as little as possible, and making sure that tenants also get quick solutions to their problems. Kadri will dazzle you with her great communication skills and friendly nature. Her strong sense of duty and self-discipline, much like those of an athlete, are outstanding qualities that are beneficial in management and brokerage. After all, Kadri’s career in real estate began as a broker – a job she still loves. Lots of loyal clients turn to Kadri with their real estate rental and sales questions.
Kadri is very sporty and active by nature. Her great sense of humour and talent for comedy have everyone laughing. She spends her free time on the volleyball court and with her family at home.