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    Janika Vahtra-Jürgen

    Real estate has been Janika’s passion and hobby for years. It started when she bought her first apartment as an investment with her husband and rented it out. Since then, their portfolio has grown and Janika therefore keeps an eye on new developments in the centre of Tallinn in her free time as well.

    Janika’s career as a real estate agent started in the company Arco Vara. In addition to gaining practical experience, she has taken part in a variety of training courses. Furthermore, she has read professional literature and listened to specialised radio programmes. Apart from the sale of property, she really enjoys decorating apartments and the process of photographing them.

    She considers selling two apartments in a building that had yet to be issued with a permit for use in just two months her greatest achievement in the property sector. This is also admired by all of her colleagues. Through this experience, Janika learned a lot about the requirements for obtaining authorisation for use and how to communicate with banks in the case of such a

    Janika mostly operates independently, which makes it understandable that she values her own time and that of others more than anything else. As a colleague, she is very friendly and cares about her team. She likes helping others and giving advice.

    She values teamwork and shared goals. Above all, she considers sincerity and honesty important, but also a desire for self-fulfilment and creativity. In her work, she values learning and innovation. She believes that by learning new things and contributing to your own development you can increase your motivation for self-fulfilment. Self-fulfilment, in turn, brings happiness. As a team, we truly appreciate Janika’s empathy, communication skills and
    sense of responsibility, along with everything else.

    She spends her valuable free time with her family. After turning off her computer at the end of the workday or for the weekend, she heads outdoors to boost her strength. She likes the sun, exciting trips to places around the world and little things in everyday life, such as eating with her friends and family, playing board games, reading bedtime stories and hiking. She gets a quick everyday energy boost from running.

    Janika’s clients have described her as: 

    ”Janika Vahtra-Jürgen was very helpful!” – Sergei

    ”Everything was great and seamless!” – Tayyiba

    ”The real estate agent was really professional and kind. Her responses were quick and she made sure I understood everything. I rented the apartment from Finland and she made sure the progress was smooth.” – Arttu

    ”The whole process was super easy, our agent was the best and willing to help with everything.” – Thomas


    Languages: Estonian, English and Russian