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Marketer, office manager

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    Annaliis Heinla

    Annaliis is our team’s funny marketer-office manager, who loves to joke around. Real estate is a new field for her, but she loves new challenges. She has always felt passionate about interior design.

    Annaliis has worked as an assistant-office manager before and can now put her knowledge to the test in the marketing field. She has a higher education in advertising and public relations. She has also been a dancer for over a 15 years.

    Annaliis values positive team, challenging and various job. She loves that in the marketing field you can let your creativity free, think new, cool ideas and also be the one who carries them out.

    As a colleague she has a few nicknames- lightning and shot, because all the tasks are accomplished miraculously. Multitasker is her second name.  She never says no to any new tasks. Working and exciting challenges make her happy.

    In her free time she likes to take long walks or watch an interesting show. Annaliis comes from Pärnu and hasn’t lived in Tallinn for a long time so she likes to discover new city and restaurants.

    Languages: Estonian, English