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Margit Rajaste
Estate Agent

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Margit is one of the newest members of MyHome. She has completed several real estate training sessions (for example, Kinnisvara ABC by Tõnu Toompak, sales training sessions by Joonas Saks and Ekke Lainsalu) and she currently draws practical knowledge and experience from actively communicating with clients every day. She has excellent organisational skills and adapts to different personalities and situations noticeably quickly. Margit speaks fluent Russian and German, therefore she is an invaluable person for our foreign clients. 
Already when meeting Margit for the first time, you notice that she is spontaneous and friendly in socialising. She is full of endless energy and the desire to act radiates from her eyes. Her enthusiasm often awakens more quiet minded people. Among us, Margit is known as an enormously precise and conscientious person. She sets out to find a solution to every problem and she is never satisfied with a NO-answer. Margit’s flaming passion for her work could be compared to her cheerfully flaming red hair. 
During her leisure time, Margit loves recreational sport and squash. Her real passion is travelling; especially close to her heart is discovering Asia. Margit’s favourites also include the German language, culture and people.

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The British-Estonian Chamber of Commerce
Deutsch-Baltische Handelskammer in Estland, Lettland, Litauen (AHK)
Swedish Chamber of Commerce in Estonia

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